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Kinderballety 10th Birthday

Australia’s most loved preschool ballet program turns 10!

Ten years in business is a marvellous achievement, but what’s most interesting is that Kinderballet was first conceived by founders Sheryn and Peter Zarins when they were expecting their first child, and was subsequently financed by the Australian federal government’s Baby Bonus Scheme. Here’s Sheryn’s story:

Sheryn Zarins

For me, dance isn’t just my passion- as a former Royal Australian Ballet teacher and examiner, it’s my profession. However, with impending motherhood, I wanted a career that blended the ballet skills and experience I’d developed over many, many years with the flexibility essential to a growing family’s needs. My business, Kinderballet, born at the same time as my older son, has provided me with a fulfilling, family-friendly and inspiring career, but more importantly has allowed me to share my love of ballet with tens of thousands of Australian families.

Kinderballet came about because I knew that the preschool dance education model at that time wasn’t meeting the specific needs of preschoolers, nor was it giving children appropriate technical ballet skills. My time teaching and examing RAD gave me exposure to the ballet schools operating across Australia, and I knew that whilst many offered preschool ballet classes as an effective recruitment tool, their curriculum and programs, whilst often of exceptional quality, were developed according to the needs of older children. As any parent of a toddler knows, there is a massive difference between a two year old and a nine year old. Preschoolers are often viewed quite rightfully as being the most challenging to teach, and their learning requirements are vastly different to those of children in an older age bracket. Preschool classes were simply adaptations of what the older ballerinas were learning at best, and at worst they were semi-structured classes with little skill development, and had less of an educational focus.
I knew I wanted more for Kinderballet than a simply a place where parents dropped their kids off to be entertained- I wanted the children in our care to learn the fundamentals of ballet, the discipline and self-pride that comes from mastering skills, and I wanted them taught by educators who loved ballet, and took their craft very, very seriously. And of course, I wanted learning to be in the context of fun, joy and happiness.

At the time I was building my business concept (and my baby!) my husband Peter was wanting to escape his work cubicle to embrace parenthood with the same level of career and work flexibility. We took our $1500 baby bonus, and invested it into our business. Ten years later we have 370 Kinderballet classes across Australia, teaching 3500 children the foundational skills of classical ballet each week.  We’re a great team, and together we’ve built a beautiful business, and a beautiful family!

Sheryn Zarins

Kinderballet's 10th Birthday Party

Kinderballet Birthday Cake

The Party

Before classes begun for 2017 we all go together for the biggest party Kinderballet had ever seen! Teachers, Licensees (and their teachers), office staff came down to Melbourne to celebrate Kinderballet's 10th birthday!


Kinderballet Teachers

Melbourne Teachers

Many of our Melbourne joined us, some of which are teacher managers and licensees now!


Kinderballet Licensees

Kinderballet Licensees

Here are some of our wonderful licensees - they run the Kinderballet programs in their own schools!




Ummmm, people from Queensland, arrrr - Lets move on :)


Sheryn And Deanne

Miss Deanne

Miss Deanne started with Kinderballet in 2006 as our very first teacher, in those days, teacher training took place in our lounge room, now it incorportaes around 70 teachers in three states.


Kinderballet Office Staff

Kinderballet Office Staff

Who is it that answers the phone, who books everyone, sends invoices and rolls to teachers, arranges venues, assembles the kits of props to give out to all the teachers? This is them - our cherished office team!

Doing their jobs quietly, behind the scenes these are the people responsible for the smooth running of Kinderballet.


Butterfly Ballet

Butterfly Ballet

Butterfly Ballet are one of our licensees in Queensland - they brought one of their teachers down and baby Issy who managed to sleep through our wild party :)

Kinderballet Teachers

Sheryn & Teachers

Miss Issy and Miss Emily with their roses which Sheryn distributed flowers to all of our very valued teachers.


Teachers Celebrate

Teachers and licensee that should be - Miss Rebecca from Redland Dance in Queensland joined us.

Teacher Managers

Teachers Managers

Teachers managers work alongside Sheryn to help with the massive of delaing with the teachers - advertising, interviewing, training assessing, delaing with issues like finding replacement teachers when another teacher is sick and assisting where ever needed.

Teachers Go Wild

Time to Call It a Day

As it got later, ballet teachers started some peculiar dancing - we knew it was time to wind up - thank-you everyone for making Kinderballet's 10th Birthday a Birthday to remember!