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Enquire About a Class

Please use this form to send us an enquiry about a particular class (if you have a particular course in mind) or a gereral enquiry.


If there is a place available in the class you have specified then we will arrange a trial for you the next time the class runs or on a date you specify - in which case please specify in the Message/Comments/Questions field below.


If the class is full then we would add you to the waiting list and send you and email to confirm, once a place becomes available we will get in touch to arrange a trial!


Although we don't make contact details mandatory, it is useful if you can give us your mobile number AND email as it makes contacting you easier and if we have both and one is wrong we can still contact you. Please make sure these details are correct or else we won't be able to contact you :(

Please note that if a place is available:

  • If you have selected a 'Mummy & Me' class then you will be sent an invoice and details for the three trial classes, otherwise
  • All other classes start off with a single class trial which you do not pay for if you decide not to continue, however, if you do decide to continue, then that class will be included in your term fees.


Also, please feel free to ask any question you may have

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  *It's important you include your mobile number as spam filters (especially for hotmail and gmail) tend to block our emails these days :(
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YES, I would like to start ASAP: (If you tick this box and we have a place available in the class you have selected then we will arrange a trial for you in the next available class - Please leave blank if you are just after more information at this time)
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  *Kinderballet Privacy Guarantee (see below)

*Kinderballet Privacy Guarantee

At Kinderballet we do take your privacy very seriously and promise not to misuse the information you provide us. The information you provide on this for will be used to book your child in for a trial class, we require the parent's contact information so we can send you confirmation of the booking and all relevant details. We will also use your contact details if we need to discuss other options (for example if the class is full) answer questions, or clarify something.


If the class you have inquired about is run by one of our licensees, then we will let you know that we do not run that class directly and that you will have to arrange a trial with that company directly. We will forward you the Licensee's contact details. WE WILL ALSO PASS THE DETAILS YOU HAVE PROVIDED US ON TO THE RELEVANT LICENSEE in an effort to assit you with your booking, usually the licensee will get in touch with you to help book in. If you do not want us to forward your details on then please communicate this in the 'Notes' section of the form above.