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Kinderballet Kiddies

"My daughter has had a wonderful time in Kinderballet and I thank you for providing such a wonderful class with lovely teachers and such a great lot of fun." - Lisa

" I loved the structure and discipline of the classes and could see how attentive and cooperative Charlotte was with Miss Miranda." - Melissa

Next Steps

"Ella really enjoyed her trial class. It was one of the cutest, most gorgeous things I have ever seen her do. I love the fact that the ballet concepts are taught through play." - Leanne

Kinderballet Preppies

"Thank you again for giving our little girl this opportunity to really enjoy her first ballet experience by the lovely program you run." - Cate

"Elisif has been part of Kinderballet now for over a year. She thoroughly enjoys it and looks forward to her class each Friday. From a mothers' perspective it is lovely to see her enjoy it so much." - Jacqui

Kinderballet Licensing

Kinderballet™ 'Aspirants'


Ages: 8-10 years

Duration: 1 hour

End of year event: Presentation Day

*Fees: $20 per class (when paid termly)

Following on from the Next Steps programs, Aspirants is developed to be the next stage in learning classical ballet. Unlike Next Steps, Aspirants doesn’t follow a class theme, but follows the structure of a traditional ballet class with barre work and centre practice.

Holistic Approach

While the class largely focuses on Classical ballet technique and building on the foundations laid by the previous levels to increase the repertoire of steps, the class is a recreational ballet class for those children wanting to experience a ballet class once a week. There is an element of creative movement within the program, to allow for freedom of expression and children’s own ability to think creatively. Along with set dances, the children will also have opportunities to develop their own choreographic skills within the class.

Final Presentation

The Aspirant program will culminate in a Presentation day - performing class work and dances to an audience and an adjudicator where the children receive an appraisal for their dancing for the year.

*Fees - Please note:

  • Premium Venues - Fees per class are displayed at the top of this section. Some venues we use are significantly more expensive, in which case we charge a small extra fee per class (usually $1 per class).
  • Accident Insurance - $8 (per family per term) - covers the enrolled student (& Mum! in the case of Cherubs and Mummy & Me classes).

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