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Kinderballet Kiddies

Kinderballet™ 'Levels'


Ages: 6 to 10 years

Duration: 60 minutes

End of year event: Concert

*Fees: $19 per class (when paid termly)

The aim of this program is to give the child an opportunity to experience various facets that make up Classical Ballet.

Being older, the children progress to barre work and begin to develop their Classical technique.

The class also involves learning dances both within a solo and a group context. The children are then given an opportunity to develop their own expression and work on their own composition throughout the year.

We curently offer Levels 1-4.

While it is important to us to give the children a fun and positive experience, we also feel strongly about teaching them the basics of dance. This differentiates us from activities where the goal is predominantly to entertain or just amuse children, sometimes with completly different class content each week.


Level classes are not themed.

Class Structure

Level classes have a Classical ballet class structure for school-going children. Each class is made up of particular elements which develop classical ballet technique.

*Fees - Please note:

  • Accident Insurance - $6 (per family per term) - covers the enrolled student (& Mum! in the case of Mummy and Me classes).

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