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Special Intro Class Everard Park

"As an Early Childhood Professional myself, I was very impressed with her engaging and animated manner and her use of encouragement with the girls in the class. Miss Natalie certainly does Kinderballet proud!" - Elizabeth

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"We will definitely be back! Thanks for such a positive experience, Amelia and I both had a ball." - Kathryn

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"I love Kinderballet's age appropriate concepts and the magical journey each lesson takes my daughter on" - Julie

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"I thought the class was excellent. The teachers were very professional, and it melted my heart to see Poppy with the other 'dancers'! Thank you, and congratulations on running such a professional and lovely class. It is worth every cent!" - Rachel


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Everard Park, SA

Kinderballet is starting NEW classes in Everard Park on Tuesdays and Saturdays!

And to kickstart our brand NEW classes in Everard Park , we are running Special Promotional Classes on Tuesday 30th of July & Saturday 10th of August!

There'll be free gifts for everyone who attends and if you do subsequently enroll, you will receive a FULL BALLET OUTFIT* - Ballet shoes, Tights and a Skirted Leotard - Valued at $57.85 - FREE - including postage!

*Conditions apply

Where: 'The Roxy Centre' - 1/80 Anzac Highway - Map

When: Tuesday 30th of July & Saturday 10th of August

We will be running TWO different classes each day:

Tuesday 30th July

9:45-10:30 "Tots" for 3½ - 5 year-olds
10:35-11:05 "Mummy and Me" for 2½ to 3½ year-olds

Saturday 10th August

9:45-10:30 "Tots" for 3½ - 5 year-olds
10:35-11:05 "Mummy and Me" for 2½ to 3½ year-olds

This is a great opportunity to come along and enjoy the Kinderballet experience.

With revised programs and new music, there’s never been a better time to start Kinderballet!

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"Seriously the best think I have ever done for my daughter was put her into Kinderballet. Thank you a million times over." - Elyse

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Enroll and recieve a FREE Skirted Leotard, tights and Ballet Shoes
Skirted Leotards

If you enjoy the class and would like to enroll after the Special Intro Class then you will recieve a FULL BALLET OUTFIT* - Ballet shoes, Tights and a Skirted Leotard - Valued at $57.85 (including postage)!

This only applies if you enroll into a course on the same day and at the same location as the Promo class, within one week of the Promo Class until the end of Term 3 and you pay your fees on or before the due date.

This offer cannot be combined with any other offer.

Once we recieve your payment, a voucher code will be emailed to you to order on our online store.

If you attend the Special Intro Class and do not enroll straight away then you will still be eligible for a free pair of Ballet Shoes whenever you do eventually enroll - anytime in 2019.

So if you enjoy the Special Intro Class, let us know as soon as possible to secure your place in the class and your BONUS FULL BALLET OUTFIT!

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About Kinderballet

Kinderballet teaches classic ballet principles through structured and creative expression. Preschoolers experience the joys of ballet in an energetic and fun class tailored to their abilities and levels of concentration.

The classes are themed to ignite the child’s imagination and the program is a carefully planned, term based creative ballet program. Bella Ballet Bear is the star of the ballet program and children get to know her and her friends during their Kinderballet journey.

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