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Kinderballerinas in Class

"Thanks again for two lovely years, kinder ballet has been very important to our daughter." - Liz


"The classes have really helped to build Isabella's confidence and her co-ordination and overall skills have improved immensely since she started. " - Nicole

Starting Mid-Term

You can start Kinderballet™ at almost anytime during the year, except:

  • In the very last week of any term - this is because its 'Watching Day' where family and friends can come along to see the class
  • In the last 4 weeks of the year - as the children are preparing for their end of year event

Please see our calendar for term dates and public holidays.

If you start mid-term then you will NOT be charged for the entire term, fees will be calculated (on a per-class basis) form your trial class until the end of that term. In the case of Mummy and Me classes, the termly fee is calculated from the class immediatly after your last trial class until the end of term.

Please note that a $6 Accident Insurance fee added to term fees