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What Makes Kinderballet Great?

Since Kinderballet™ started offering preschool ballet classes in 2007, an increasing number of providers are now offering what they call 'Pre-school Ballet' classes.

What makes Kinderballet different, what makes Kinderballet great?


We achieve a balance between a class that is lots of fun and one in which you actually learn.

Kinderballet classes fall into the category of a 'learning/developmental activity' rather than an 'entertainment/amusement activity'.

Parents highly value what their children have gained from attending Kinderballet, and it not just a great foundation in ballet. Marked improvements in confidence and self esteem would be the most commonly mentioned benefits parents see in their children, but there a many more: social skills, the ability to conduct oneself in a classroom situation, listening, waiting your turn, posture, making friends, an interest in music and dance...


Kinderballet is a series of programs developed by Sheryn Zarins, a former Royal Academy of Dance Graded Examiner, with over 25 years experience teaching classical ballet.

Since their inception in 2007, our programs have been taught tens of thousands of times and are continuously refined and improved. our programs


We only accept experienced and qualified ballet teachers, who we train in-house. Only after passing an assessment are they allowed to take classes themselves.

Teachers attend further training sessions throughout the year and are periodically re-assessed to ensure our students are receiving the very best classes possible preschool ballet classes.


Our music has been developed specifically to accompany our preschool ballet programs by our artistic director Sheryn Zarins in collaboration with Jenny Pickering - renowned pianist who's association with ballet in Australia goes back 40 years. our music


Kinderballet classes are designed to be affordable, rather than cheap - there will always be something (seemingly) cheaper out there.

We offer extremely good value compared to other ballet or dance activities, when you take into account the total costs associated with an activity and what you get.

We do not charge a registration fee nor require specific dancewear or shoes - making it more affordable to start. We don't have any hidden costs and we make our end of year event extremely reasonable - costing only $55 in 2019 - about one-fifth what other preschool ballet providers might charge! our prices