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Kinderballet Fees and Pricing


Registration Fee

None, zip, zero, zilch!

We don't charge you to use our class props either!


Uniforms/Compulsory Dancewear

You wear what YOU (or your child) likes to wear! There are NO expensive uniforms that we insist you buy. We don't turn your child into a walking billboard :)


Class Pricing

Unless classes are held in a Premium Venue, our (per class) fees are calculated as follows (when paid termly):

The above prices assume enrolment for an entire school term or from when you start until the end of that term. We do not offer casual classes, partial terms or reduced fees for doing less that a full school term - with the exception of starting mid-term.


Cherubs and Mummy & Me (3 class) Trial Pack

When starting Cherubs or Mummy & Me classes, we offer a 3-class trial pack for $50.

All other classes start off with a single trial class, which you are billed for only if you decide to enroll.


Accident Insurance

We also charge an Accident Insurance fee: $8 (per family per term) - covers the enrolled student & Mum in the case of Mummy and Me classes, in all other classes it covers the student only.

"Per family per term", means that if you have 2 (or more) children with Kinderballet you would only pay insurance ONCE per term. You would also be eligible for a Family Discount!


Family Discount

In order to make ballet more affordable for parents we offer a family discount - applicable to families with more than one child attending Kinderballet™ classes (when fees are paid on time).

The discount is 10% off the term fees (and/or Mummy & me Trial fees) for subsequent children - so the the child (with the highest fees) will be charged the regular price and other children (in the same immediate family) will be charged their normal fee, less 10%.

Invoices are automatically adjusted to apply the family discount.

Please note that the family discount is only applicable when the fees are paid before the due date - if fees are late then the Family Discount no longer applies.


Presentation Day

At the end of the year, all classes do a Presentation Day. We keep this very low-key, it's usually held in the same venue as regular classes and at about the same time.

In 2023, the Presentation Day Fee is $30 for 'Cherubs', $60 per child for 'Mummy & Me' and 'Tots' classes and $65 for 'Next Steps' classes.

The price for Aspirant classes will be different for each class as costumes and the cost of the external assessor will differ between classes. If you have a child in one of our Aspirants classes, we will be in touch directly with specific details.


Summing it all up

These fees are all that you would pay in the year, you could buy ballet shoes, dancewear, ballet bags and lots of other fun stuff, but that is entirely up to you!

Here are some examples to help explain how we work things out:

Question 1 - So, what if my child comes along to trial a 'Tots' class in the third week of a 10 week term, what would i pay?

Answer 1 - 7 classes at $20 per class plus $8 for Accident Insurance = $148

Question 2 - So, what if my child starts the 3 class trial pack for 'Mummy and Me', we start the third week of a 10 week term, what would i pay?

Answer 2 - You just pay for the 3-class trial pack = $50

Question 2a - What if then we choose to continue after our 3 class trial?

Answer 2a - Your trials were in week 3, 4 and 5. You would enroll from week 6 to 10, which is 5 weeks at $17 per week plus $8 for Accident Insurance = $93

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