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Accident Insurance Scheme


Kinderballet provides Accident Insurance cover to *all of our students as well as 'Mum' (or the person assisting the student) in our Mummy & Me classes. (*All students registered and who do not have overdue fees)

All enrolled students will be charged $8 per term (Kinderballet covers the cost of the accident insurance for all those trialling). The Accident Insurance fee is only charged once per family per term, so if you have multiple stuents enrolled with us or if your children do multiple classes then you only pay the fee once per term.


The National Accident Scheme is administered soley by "DanceSurance International", and is underwritten by XL INSURANCE COMPANY SE, AUSTRALIA BRANCH. Level 28, 123 Pitt Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000 (ABN 36 083 570 441).

Scope of Cover

    Students/Members are covered (other than whilst socially dancing or performing and at home) whilst:

  • Dancing/Performing Australia wide in organised training sessions, competitions, displays, performances, etc.
  • Travelling to/from their dance/performance activity, to/from their residence, school or place of empleyment.
  • Touring world-wide for the purpose of participating in dancing, or performing art, whilst representing their studio, club, organisaton, or their

Please note:

  • If you have overdue fees or if your child's name is not on the roll, then your child (and the person assisting in our Cherubs and Mummy & Me classes) is NOT covered by Accident Insurance, so please make sure that all fees are paid on time and you do not attend classes unless you are registered to,
  • If your "Cherubs" or "Mummy and Me" Trial Fees are overdue, then neither the student, nor the person assisting will be covered by our Accident Insurance.
  • In the case of our "Cherubs" and "Mummy and Me", only ONE person should be assisting the student, so only one person is covered by our Accident Insurance. The assistant does not have to be the same person for every class, as long as only one person participates at any one time.
  • The insurance fee is NOT calculated on a pro rata basis, it is $8 per term per student. Although the fee is waived completly if enrolling for only a single week.