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Makeup Classes

If a student misses their regular class then they may be able to attend an alternate (makeup) class.

The makeup class must be arranged with Kinderballet at least 24 hours before the proposed makeup class, so that the student’s name, medical details and parent’s contact details can be added to the roll.


Makeup classes are available to all students enrolled in Kinderballet, who have paid for the current term (in full) and do not have any fees or other payments currently outstanding.

Makeup classes are NOT available for students doing CASUAL classes.

The makeup class must take place in the same term as the missed class.

Kinderballet does not guarantee that a makeup class will be available at a time and place convenient. Fees will not be refunded or credited where a student is unable to find a convenient makeup class.

Some classes may not be available to arrange a makeup class in, this includes the first and last classes of each term, Presentation Day (and the class immediately preceding), Open Days, any other ‘special’ days or if the class is already full. Please confirm with Kinderballet.

Any student may book in for up to 5 makeup classes in any single term. If you book in and do not attend then it is still counted toward the total.