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Kinderballet 'Next Steps'


Ages: 5-7 years

Duration: 45 minutes

End of year event: Presentation Day

*Fees: $20 per class (when paid termly)

Learning by performing real classical ballets

Immerse your child in the wonders of classical ballet with our carefully crafted Kinderballet Next Steps classes.

Your child will understand and learn storytelling through movement – they will enjoy developing the essential skills of ballet at their own pace.

Serious ballet, without the traditional ballet formalities

Kinderballet Next Steps classes don’t have a dress code, or “drills”, or exams – we believe that for children, rigid and disciplined ballet can get in the way of the art form.

Instead, we focus on teaching children classical ballets that inspire them to tell stories through movement, meaning they can relax and learn real ballet on their magical journey.

Developed by ballet experts

Kinderballet Next Steps has been been meticulously developed and refined by Sheryn Zarins - ex RAD Graded examiner and teacher. Our teachers are trained in classical ballet, and the principles of mental, physical and emotional development that our classes are founded on.

Everyone’s welcome

We’re not looking for ballet “stars”. Our focus is on recognising the level of each child and helping them to develop on their own path through classical ballet.

This term we're learning "Sleeping Beauty"

Come on a magical journey, become Princess Aurora and the Lilac Fairy as we delve into the timeless and enchanting ballet of Sleeping Beauty. We will bring characters to life while learning classical ballet techniques, creative movement, mime and storytelling.

Here is a short video of our teachers training to deliver the "Next Steps" program!

*Fees - Please note:

  • Premium Venues - Fees per class are displayed at the top of this section. Some venues we use are significantly more expensive, in which case we charge a small extra fee per class (usually $1 per class).
  • Accident Insurance - $8 (per family per term) - covers the enrolled student (& Mum! in the case of Cherubs and Mummy & Me classes).

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