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Kinderballerinas in Class

What to wear to Kinderballet

Our Little Kinderballerina


Kinderballet does not require students to wear a specific uniform to class. Our kinderballerinas come along in whatever makes them happy. The photo on the left is of our little princess - that's how she dressed herself for class, that week :)

Generally we recommend a fairy dress or a favorite dress-up, dancewear if you have them - its really up to you (or them). Boys (or girls) can wear a t-shirt and shorts if they wish.

Make sure that whatever you kinderballerina comes along in is comfortable to move in and is not too precious as we do floor exercises, so things can get a bit dirty.

Please note: We DO NOT require expensive compulsory uniforms (nor do we insist that your child's hair be in a particular style).


We recommend that our students wear proper ballet shoes to facilitate the correct movement of the foot without being too slippery.

The ballet shoes should be properly fitted, if they are too tight you could injure their feet, too loose and they may be dangerous.

If you are only coming along for a trial then you may do so in bare feet, not socks - too slippery!

Parents in our Cheruns and Mummy & Me classes

Mums and Dads, Grandmas and Grandpas, or whoever else will be accompanying their kinderballerina will need to wear something appropriate.

You won't require ballet shoes or dancewear, as your roll is mainly to assist - but you are welcome to wear it if you have it.

Something comfortable that you can move in and that you don't mind getting down on the floor in will suffice.